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Will indoor cycling help me lose weight?  Yes, indoor cycling will help you shed pounds and lower your body fat if done regularly and in conjunction with a healthy diet. On average a rider will burn about 600 calories, but a rider can burn up to 1000 calories in a single class!  It is a low-impact, fantastic cardio exercise regime leading to a more energized and healthier life.

Do I have to be in great shape or an experienced rider to get started? No, indoor cycling is adaptable to all fitness levels with each rider controlling the resistance and speed of the pedals on their respective bike.  While our dedicated and driven instructors will endeavor to maximize everyone’s efforts, there are no limits or prerequisites.  You inevitably choose how hard to work on any given ride.

Will indoor cycling make my legs big? Indoor cycling will create definition, actually elongating leg muscles.  Most large legged cyclists have added intensive resistance to their regime for competitive cycling.

What type of gear do I need to participate? Comfortable workout attire is all you need to get started.  Cycling specific gear, however, can make a great class even better.  Padded cycling shorts and moisture-wicked tops will make your ride comfortable and clip-in shoes also give riders more leverage and power.  A heart rate monitor will also help maximize and measure every workout.

What class should I try first?We do offer free 30 minute “Intro to Spin” sessions that give a great overview on what to expect in a regular class.  Please check out our online schedule for times of these classes. However, if those times are not convenient, please email us and we will find a time that works for you!

What should I bring to class? Dress in cool clothing.  Most people wear cycling shorts or bring a gel seat cover.  They are not absolutely necessary, but are great for easing saddle soreness (especially in the first few classes).  Bring water and a towel.  Sneakers are perfectly fine, and as you progress you may want to purchase “clip-in” cycling shoes that take the ride to the next level.  We have new Keiser M3+ bikes (the only bikes built in the U.S.A.!) with power meters that will help riders keep track of the performance during the ride.  The only other two things we ask you to bring are a smile and a positive attitude!

What kind of classes does RPM offer? Most of our classes run an hour with a warm-up and cool-down and tend to be “interval” training for maximum calorie burn. This means high exertion followed by recovery.  Indoor cycling is a tremendous way to burn calories and increase metabolism.  The experience in each class varies depending primarily on the instructor’s style and their music selection.  We encourage instructors to be creative with music and use a variety of genres. 

Please look out for our coming specialty classes!  We will offer 90 minute “endurance” rides and also a few musical-themed classes

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